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New meaning for the traditional Udupi cooking

The Ingredients

We carefully curate the purest and best ingredients- ensuring their wholesomeness.

The Process

The carefully developed process has been optimized to bring out the best flavors of the Udupi food tradition.

The Health Benefits

The health-driven innovation, which uses healthy alternatives like flaxseeds, sesame seeds and more to naturally boost body vitality, immunity, digestion and strength.

K. Krishna Rao, founder of New Woodlands Hotel and K. Seetharama Rao, founder of Dasaprakash Group were the two pioneers that brought Udupi food to the world in the early 1920s. Gayathri Rao, the granddaughter of these two icons continues this tradition with EFGH Udupi style masalas and chutney powders.

All the way down southern India, in the land of the revered Sri Krishna Temple, lays an intrinsic form of heritage called the Udupi Cuisine of Karnataka. Situated along the coast of Mangalore, the powerful dominations of coastal ingredients diversify this cuisine, which boasts of authentic vegetarian delicacies that are hallmarks of the land.

Traditional Udupi cooking has a flair that is most distinct to the appetite. Rich in spices and flavorings, the food never comprises nutrition for taste. The balance is met when flavors and nutritious ingredients marry and hence produce the classic dishes.

Eat for Good Health was born from a vision to provide the same Udupi style food in the most authentic, purest, healthy and hygienically prepared way for your body and soul. The products are crafted in Gayathri’s controlled kitchen such that it feels and tastes like home.

Each masala flavor has its own uniqueness and contains 100% pure ingredients with no additives. We hope you will enjoy this tasteful culinary experience and cherish the benefits brought by these excellent products.


With the vision of making Udupi masalas more authentic, pure and enduring, Gayathri created EFGH (Eat for Good Health) – a premier hub of healthy yet tasteful masalas available in the market. Preparing nutritious and flavorsome food for her family meant a great deal to this dynamic Silicon Valley entrepreneur and full time working mom.  So, while still living in San Jose, which was her home for over 20 years, she started experimenting with developing her own masala formulas backed on a powerful vision: tasty authentic flavors can (and must) also be healthy!

Udupi food is uniquely recognized for its delicate balance of flavors and universal appeal, which is why she chose these masalas as her focus. The uniqueness of the masalas offered by Gayathri is a result of her artful orchestration across various elements. She has committed to using healthy alternatives such as flaxseed, pulses, tamarind, curry leaves, turmeric powder, asafetida and more to naturally boost body vitality, immunity, energy, digestion and strength. Each masala flavor has its own unique health benefits that are essential to combat increasing environmental risks.

Join this passionate entrepreneur and food lover in her vision of making the most authentic, purest and healthy Udupi masalas available worldwide. Use EFGH products in your kitchen to ‘Eat For Good Health’ in real.

Gayathri Rao
Founder and CEO, EFGH (Eat For Good Health)

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