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K. Krishna Rao, founder of New Woodlands Hotel and K. Seetharama Rao, founder of Dasaprakash Group were the two pioneers that brought Udupi food to the world in the early 1920s.  Gayathri Rao, the granddaughter of these two icons continues this tradition with EFGH Udupi style masalas and chutney powders. All the way down southern India, in the land of the revered Sri Krishna Temple, lays an intrinsic form of heritage called the Udupi Cuisine of Karnataka. Situated along the coast of Mangalore, the powerful dominations of coastal ingredients diversify this cuisine, which boasts of authentic vegetarian delicacies that are hallmarks of the land.

EFGH Products

Masalas bursting with flavor! Carefully curated, Most Authentic, Purest, Healthy and Hygienically prepared Udupi Style Masalas and Chutney Powders!

Udupi chutney powder

Udupi chutney powder is a blend of gently roasted lentils with dried red chillies and copra. They inherit a hint of tanginess from tamarind . This brilliant chutney powder boosts a guaranteed rush of essence and flavour on your palate.

Sambhar powder

The Udupi style sambhar powder offered by EFGH is an absolute boon for all sambhar lovers worldwide. This powder strengthens the authentic taste of sambhar, a lentil and tamarind based vegetable stew, and gives the word- tanginess and spicy a whole new meaning.

Horsegram Rasam

Horsegram Rasam is a premix appetizing soup that is cooked by just adding water . It can be had with steamed white rice or as a soup with a dollop of hung curd. It is a long cooking process made simple for you by EFGH. It is full of iron and can pick you up when you are down with the winter blues.

Flaxseed chutney powder

Flaxseed chutney powder is a blend of various slow roasted spices and condiments. This fabulous chutney powder created by EFGH offers an ultimate burst of flavours that can enrich any dish per your taste.

Menaskai powder

Menaskai is a sweet, tangy and spicy dish from Udupi, South India. The unforgettable taste of Menaskai gojju, triggered by this powder, makes its presence a compulsion in the kitchen of all food lovers.

Rasam powder

The rasam powder exclusively available at EFGH adds all possible tangy and tasty flavours to rasam, a soup like appetizer, to make it a delightful yet healthy dish. No South Indian meal is ever complete without this delicious soup…

Bisi Bele Bhath powder

Bisi Bele Bhath is a rice, lentil and vegetable based dish that originates from Karnataka in South India. This dish is a balanced one pot meal, in which protein, carbs and veggies are cooked with pungent spices. Simple and complex at the same time, this is one dish that arouses the senses and ignites the appetite of even the poorest eater.